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In the early 70’s, there was little access to alternative physicians. My older son suffered from chronic respiratory problems, for which the doctors could offer only antibiotics (which we now know do not work on viruses). After a couple years of repeated episodes with bronchitis, I turned to a friend who practiced Homeopathy on her own. She belonged to a group of like-minded people who helped each other find appropriate remedies for health challenges. Our first attempt was successful in treating my son’s bronchitis without drugs. Shortly thereafter, the group found a homeopathic physician about 100 miles away. We paid for his flights to visit our group once a month. From our first lay treatment to my son’s graduation from high school, he never received any drugs. He had no more bouts of bronchitis and he rarely missed school because of illness. If a common cold lasted too long, we visited the Homeopath, and the symptoms subsided.

A few years later, I became interested in the role of food in restoring and maintaining health. My husband suffered from an ulcer that sent him to the hospital. The symptoms resembled a heart attack and it was a frightening experience.

We already had an interest in providing wholesome food to our young family from our 5,000 sq. foot vegetable garden and small orchard. We raised chickens for meat and eggs. We kept a cow or two in the pasture, destined for the slaughterhouse. We even raised a couple families of pigs.

Paavo Airola’s book, How to Get Well, played a large part in our future food decisions, and we ceased to eat pork and beef for several years. I traveled many miles on a weekly basis to find raw goat’s milk for my husband. Ultimately, I was too disinterested as a cook to turn us completely to vegetarianism, and that turned out to be a disguised blessing. Having admitted that, I congratulate myself for the efforts of baking our own bread and crackers, churning our own butter from whole raw milk, and canning and freezing our own bounty of vegetables and fruits.

Our “five acres and independence” experience lasted only about 8 years. There was never any recurrence of ulcers, and we had learned enough that we always maintained a focus on good food and limited sugar. The kids never had access to soda at home.

My husband also received homeopathic care and while I cannot say with certainty which treatment made the most difference, I believe that respecting the body with wholesome food in appropriate quantities is a natural partner to natural treatment of physical disorders.

These were the days long before the Internet Age and I ended up on the mailing list of every health newsletter in America. These publications inundated me with stories of the medical establishment gone awry. I watched as drugs were introduced as miracle cures and subsequently were pulled from the shelves for causing some unexpected, and deadly, side effect. It continues today and my personal philosophy has been that if a treatment, however far “out there,” causes no harm, I’m willing to give it a try. I avoid drugs except when desperate.

I take an ibuprofen tablet a couple times a year when a headache will not go away, and there was a period of emotional turmoil many years ago when sleep was nearly unattainable that I tried Ambien. The allopathic doctor prescribed refills at my request, without question or examination, but I used it only when I knew I couldn’t make up the sleep deprivation with a nap. Even though my use was minimal, it crosses my mind now and then that it might have contributed to later vision problems. Ibuprofen comes with its own risks, as well.

In the 90’s, I eliminated most meat from our diet once again, which led to considerable weight gain for me and for my husband. A friend introduced me to the Zone diet, which is difficult to follow without at least eating chicken and fish. In four months, I lost 23 pounds of fat, reaching a body fat percentage of about 20%. My husband lost 40 pounds in six months, slimming down to the weight and mass of his college days. My energy levels increased substantially and his knee pain (due to inoperable injury) disappeared with the reduced weight, balanced hormones and supplemental Omega-3 oils. We remain slim to this day, although I tried again to “go vegetarian” a couple years ago and began the same pattern of weight gain. I stopped it sooner this time and knew what to do to reverse it.

My big health challenge occurred after my homeopathic physician of 30 years retired. I tried others but was dissatisfied with them and the results of their treatment. I tried every other alternative treatment that anyone suggested so that I could avoid taking chemical drugs but I succumbed to the heartfelt and well-meaning scare tactics of my ophthalmologists (9 in all so far) for glaucoma treatment and for several years I’ve used eye drops that did, after a few years, stop the progression of the deterioration of the optic nerves, with some side effects of course. I continue the search for a way to get off medication, but perhaps the natural steps I take now deserve some of the credit for my respite.

It was this quest that lead me to develop this site. How much easier it would have been for me if I could find ten anecdotal stories of cures, or treatment suggestions for my vision problem, on one site, rather than having to find them all separately? What I found depended upon which search word went into the Google box that day. The effective solutions finally found were there all the time, or much of the time, that I was fumbling about desperately.  Unfortunately, glaucoma is one of the conditions that is resistant to all treatments, natural or otherwise.

All are welcome to share their own experiences, however unconfirmed by scientific evidence, of their effective treatments of their own conditions. All treatments may not work for everyone, since we are all organically different to some degree, but if the treatment is harmless, it may be worth the experiment, keeping in mind that if your condition is life-threatening, you should be under the care of a physician. If you are already on medications, even supplementation with natural substances can interfere with allopathic treatment, so…again, check with your health care provider.

My own formal health training is limited to what is provided in a 600-hour course in massage therapy and several years of continuing education. I am not a doctor and do not pretend to be. Even if I knew you, I couldn’t and wouldn’t advise you on any treatments. Herein are suggestions of possibilities—ideas that may help you manage your chronic health conditions naturally. I recommend that you research beyond these pages any chosen remedy. My goal is not to give you exhaustive information, but to offer a list of possibilities to examine further.

I invite you to tell me your stories. You may email me through the “Contact” section of the site and I will publish your cures and treatments in the appropriate disease categories. There will be no blog posts by the public because I am not willing to receive accusations of quackery on a public forum. I reserve the right to edit and paraphrase your stories or comments. I reserve the right to publish, or not publish, any comments or anecdotes sent to me, but my goal is to be helpful to readers searching for natural treatments.

I endeavor to include only natural, harmless treatments but as noted, I am not a medical expert and I can make no guarantees that my own research is flawless. Also, what is harmless to a healthy individual may not be harmless to someone with a medical condition on prescription medications. For example, someone with glaucoma will increase eye pressure by lying face down for massage, and someone who has iron overload should not take iron supplements. Keep in mind that many self-treatments are usually not tested in controlled studies or by the compiler of the list (although some are). They are just signposts to direct you to further research.


It is my intention to give the reader information in an easy-to-read format free of distracting pop-ups or an overabundance of advertising. If we want to make this a self-supporting site, however, then advertising is necessary. Please keep in mind that while we try to make the ads relative to the content, some ads are provided in bulk.We do not test or endorse advertised products. I want never to offer revenue-seeking slide shows that force you to click on many pages, instead of just one, in order to access limited information.  I am learning, however, how difficult it is to generate enough revenue from a website to support the costs, without making the site messy and inconvenient. Also, I had no idea how important Facebook “likes” are as a viral marketing tool.

One ad popped up (which I might have missed completely because I usually am in Edit View) for an African healer that promised protection for illness and even robberies.  That was only marginally better or worse than the drawing of a cluster of bananas with a captioned promise to lose belly fat.  If an ad takes you to a video presentation by a doctor promising to give you a miracle cure for a health condition, know that you will have to watch a 45-minute presentation that you cannot pause or fast forward, at the end of which will be the offer for a book or an expensive supplement the effectiveness of which is unsupported by evidence.  My recommendation is to get out fast. I will try to keep this sort of ad out of my site, but cannot promise they won’t sneak in by way of bulk advertising.  The Amazon ads are chosen individually.

A disclaimer is necessary here, and required by law. It also is common sense and I offer it with sincerity.

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