Bach Flower Remedies • What are they?

Bach flower remedies are solutions that contain dilutions of flower material mixed with bandy. Dr. Edward Bach of England was a Homeopath who developed these solutions in the 1930’s. He claimed that his 38 distinct solutions treat specific mood disorders.

Bach flower remedies - Image of bottles of Bach Flower Remedies

While an online “encyclopedia” claims that there is absolutely no scientific proof of efficacy, a five-minute search will yield at least a couple studies where the flower remedies were found effective for anxiety and carpal tunnel syndrome.

As with most complementary forms of treatment, there are few large trials performed because they are expensive to perform and the monetary compensation is small.

Other small studies were done by those with an interest, which is usually what happens with studies because who else is going to fund them? In these studies, which used no randomized control group. BFR’s were found useful in treating mild to moderate depression.

Like essential oils, BFR’s are fairly expensive for such small amounts, but keep in mind that it takes a great deal of plant material to reach these extreme dilutions.

Note: I have no experience with Bach Flower Remedies but if I listened to all the critics of every conceivable alternative treatment, I would have missed some wonderful healing experiences

The Bach Center,, lists a guide to the 38 remedies and the moods they are said to treat. I recognize myself in that list so I may be trying one or two of the BFR’s for myself soon.

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