Bean Threads - What is the nutrition value?

Bean threads go by several different names, including glass noodles, cellophane noodles, and mung bean noodles. They are made from the starch of mung beans, so are pretty much all carbohydrate.

Mung beans

You might find a trace of protein but if you eat one cup of bean threads, you will be ingesting about 130 grams of carbs and almost 200 calories.  Fortunately, these noodles are low on the glycemic index at about 45, a little less than spaghetti noodles, which means that your blood sugar won’t rise as fast as if you eat refined sugar.  No sodium, no minerals or vitamins and very little taste.  Still, they are oddly satisfying, like pasta.  The flavor will be in the foods with which you pair your noodles.