Colic • Natural treatments and home remedies

Colic is defined as severe pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction.

Picture of baby sleeping peacefully, free of Colic

It is a term usually applied to any baby who cries excessively for no apparent reason. While it usually goes away on its own within a few months, it causes parental anxiety because you don’t want your baby to be suffering. And you’d like a little sleep.

Since babies cry for other, more serious reasons, be sure to consult a physician to be sure it isn’t something else that needs medical attention.

If you are confident that your baby has colic, you can try a few things at home to calm him. One thing that works for your friend’s baby might not work for yours.  You may need to experiment, one at a time, gently.

  • Ask your doctor about the possibility that your baby’s gut health is compromised. (
  • The Colic Carry (baby’s head in the palm of your hand and his/her tummy resting on your forearm)
  • “The Hold” (
  • Along with the Colic Carry, you can find directions for a number of “dances” that often calm the crying infant, along with techniques like Baby Bends (, Tummy Rolls, Tummy Tucks and Magic Mirror (
  • Burp the baby frequently and try different nipple types if you are bottle feeding.
  • Some doctors believe that milk in the mother’s diet may cause colic even in a nursing baby. However, there is a belief in Ayurveda that taking the baby off breast milk or cow-based formulas may inhibit future digestive ability.
  • Pay special attention to what a baby is eating or drinking to determine if there’s a relationship between that and a colicky reaction. Try keeping a log.
  • Wrap the baby in a blanket and hold her, or put her in a backpack (which you wear) while you do other things.
  • Find out if your baby finds the sound of a vacuum cleaner soothing; many do.
  • Try a white noise machine.
  • Place a hot-water bottle wrapped in soft cloth on the baby’s tummy.
  • Put the baby in an automatic swing.
  • Set the baby’s infant seat (with baby in it) next to an operating dryer.  The vibration can be soothing.
  • Play soothing music.
  • Try slower, more frequent feedings.
  • Switch formulas.
  • Provide a calm and positive environment for the baby, free of anger.
  • Warm baths


  • Acupressure (
  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurveda
  • Baby Massage
  • Homeopathy (

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