Colonoscopy • What to do before and after

If you plan to have a colonoscopy and don't have any symptoms, see Colonoscopies for a short discussion on the dangers of colonoscopies.

Image of two bottles of water - Colonoscopy

If you have a colonoscopy, there are some things you can do to protect yourself–to some degree–from the possible complications.

  • Hydrate!  The laxatives used for bowel prep cause a loss of body fluids.  One doctor recommends freshly squeezed cucumber juice before the procedure, including the skin, a sugar-free potassium source; high mineral content mineral water, and salty snacks (salt aids in water retention).  Do this for several days before the “event.”
  • After the procedure, add solid foods to your diet gradually. Avoid proteins for a few days.
  • Avoid fiber supplements
  • Use Colorectal Recovery Kit before and after the procedure
  • Don’t use anesthesia if you feel you can manage without it.
  • If you have colon obstruction, do not use the Recovery Kit until it has been disimpacted.  Seek medical help immediately.

This is not an exhaustive list and you should know what the risks are, why the above actions are useful, and how to treat yourself before and after the procedure.  Use search phrases like “Side effects of Screening Colonoscopies,” “How to prepare for a colonoscopy,” and “How to recover from a colonoscopy.”