What is EFT and does it work?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and was introduced to the public in 1995 by Gary Craig.

Image of a brass faucet (Tap)

EFT may not only reduce therapy time but it may, in some instances, replace it altogether. I learned this method years ago and have used it many times for many issues. When it doesn’t eliminate an emotional charge, it always softens it.

Anecdote: I was visiting a cousin several years ago while her sister-in-law was also visiting. Barb mentioned that her claustrophobia was getting worse and very much a disturbance in her daily life. She experienced panic in elevators, would not sit in the back seat of a car, and generally was afraid to be in small spaces. I offered up EFT and she was game so we tapped on her fears of enclosed spaces, on her terror of getting trapped, etc. for about 45 minutes. Our goal was for four of us to go into a closet, turn out the lights and close the door and stand there. She didn’t have to go into that closet until she was good and ready and without fear. We didn’t delve into the reasons for her fears; we just tapped for the fears themselves. At the end of multiple routines and those 45 minutes, we all got into the closet, turned out the lights and stood there for several minutes. She was comfortable.

Since she was known to me, I was able to check in on her through our mutual relatives. She was delighted that she could use elevators without panic and could carpool without always having to claim the front passenger seat. Barb lived for about twelve more years and her claustrophobia never returned.

EFT is great for children and even can be used on pets. You can get all the information you need by going to emofree.com, which is Gary Craig’s site. He has offered this free to everyone for many years. He has run his own studies with war veterans who have PTSD—with great success.

Use it for everything—emotional and physical issues. It may not work for everything but it CAN work for almost anything.  Find information at www.emofree.com.

TAP away!