Graviola is an Amazon rainforest tree that has shown some promise in treating cancer. There have been studies to research the various parts of the tree and how the healing properties might be replicated in the laboratory and then used as a drug to treat cancer.  Currently it is available as a supplement and studies that aimed at proving its efficacy leave us with insufficient evidence.

Nevertheless, like many natural products, people have been using it for years to treat a variety of ailments including:


There are cautions against self-medicating with this substance.  It may kill nerve cells and make the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease worse. It is unsafe for nursing mothers. It may interfere with blood pressure or diabetic medications. You are advised against taking it if you have liver or kidney disease or a low platelet count. There is no standard guidline for dosage.

If you take this supplement, you should tell your doctor; it can interfere with certain medical tests.