First Aid for Knee Pain

Medical treatment for knee pain will depend on the cause.

Woman clutching inflamed knee


It may be caused by an inflammatory condition or by a structural condition. You might be prescribed meds designed to decrease inflammation (to be replaced possibly by side effects) or you may need surgery to repair the knee.


If your pain is due to inflammation, please see the entry for Inflammation in A-Z. You will find suggestions for diet, treatments with teas, herbs, essential oils and supplements. Following are a few additional general suggestions to help you find pain relief.

  • RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation). Use ice for inflammation, not heat.
  • If you are overweight, lose weight to avoid extra pressure on the joint.
  • Beware of soft knee braces, which may do more harm than good.
  • Strengthen the muscles and ligaments with exercise.
  • If you run, wear good shoes or change your running surface.
  • Warm up gradually toward strenuous exercise, but save the stretching until after the exercise.