Lavender Hydrosol

You will notice that most of the posts include lavender as a self-care option, usually in the form of an essential oil. Don't overlook lavender hydrosol for use in prsonal care. It can be useful for household cleaning, as well.

When lavender is processed using steam distillation to produce essential lavender oil, a small amount of the oil is left suspended among water molecules. This is a valuable by-product that deserves a special place in your house. It has properties that are anti-fungal, antiseptic and anesthetic.  It is safe to use on the skin and to breathe.

Personal care uses:

  • Treatment of skin abrasions and cuts
  • Treatment of sunburns and windburns
  • Treatment for itchy or dry skin
  • A natural deodorant
  • As an additive to bathwater
  • Treatment of diaper and other rashes

Household uses:

  • Fruit and vegetable wash
  • Shower spray to prevent mildew
  • Window cleaner
  • Jewelry cleaner
  • Insect spray
  • Kitchen counter cleaner
  • Plant spray to discourage insects
  • Safe to use on most surfaces
  • Use in your steam iron.
  • As a hair rinse
  • Spray your pillow at night.

If you can find a good outlet for lavender hydrosol, you may find travel size-spray bottles, treated wet wipes and gallon-size containers of this lovely liquid.

Consider using on your pets as a flea repellant and to water dishes to treat bad breath. Try it on your pets’ skin conditions for its anesthetic and antiseptic properties.

One producer recommends storing in fridge. If you cannot do that, keep it in a cool dark place for up to 2 years.

It is possible to make your own hydrosol with fresh or dried herbs.