What is Miracle II soap?

Miracle II is a natural product that is safe for use in your home.

A soap bubble in front of greenery

The soap I choose to use for laundry, dishes, cleaning up and even sometimes for brushing my teeth is Miracle II.  There are so many claims for the things it will help and heal but I chose it primarily because it is considered safe and natural.  I’ve used it for years without any ill effects.  I can’t claim that it cured any ailment, but it did get rid of those tiny little sugar ants.  I just kept washing my counters and floors with it and the bugs stayed away.  There’s a great deal of information about the possible uses for the soap, gel, and the neutralizer–from spraying your plants to treating cataracts.  There is not much to be gained from repeating it here; however, without explanations of dosages or topical treatments, I’ll give you a quick list of the problems it is purported to help or heal: