Mucolyxir is a liquid formula with wild salmon DNA that is used sublingually and may help to break up mucous that blocks your airways. It may be helpful in any respiratory condition such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis and chronic sinusitis.

You take this liquid by drops and it is said to cause sinus drainage within just a few days.  One source calls it a homeopathic liquid.  It can disrupt the production of excess mucus that is an immune system response to bacterial infection.  It won’t cure your condition but it may make it easier to breathe and improve your quality of life.

From NCBI, May 2020: “Though it was not developed further as a pharmaceutical agent for economic reasons, the current DNA-based therapeutic is being marketed as a nutraceutical and is being sold commercially as Mucolyxir. The combined evidence-based and clinical trial experiences with various respiratory ailments, plus commercial availability, make microdose DNA a viable candidate to test in clinical trials for treatment of COVID-19 respiratory symptoms.”