What is the Zone Diet and does it work?

The Zone Diet is also known as a 40-30-30 nutrition plan, which refers to the percentages of macronutrients recommended.

Photo of wooden blocks balanced against a cupcake on a wooden plank

I have followed the Zone Diet since 1998. Dr. Barry Sears, the researcher behind this food formula,  admonishes us to think of food as medicine. While it is true that much of our soil is depleted of minerals and we no longer eat wild game rich in fatty acids, we still can get much of our daily requirement of nutrients from the food we eat. This is especially true if we eliminate the empty calories we consume in the form of refined carbohydrates, and replace them with more wholesome fresh produce.

The Zone Diet is designed to provide us with the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) we need to maintain our lean body mass, manage our blood sugar levels, and balance the production of our hormones.

40-30-30 refers to the formula of eating 40% of your calories at each meal in the form of carbohydrates, 30% in the form of protein and 30% from fat.

Dr. Sears did not set out to design a weight-loss plan; he was looking for a solution to heart problems.  I’m sure he would have liked to find a pill we could take to guarantee a healthy heart but his research led him to the belief that food is the best medicine.  It isn’t just about what you eat, but when and how.

Your diet is the single greatest factor influencing your health as well as the health of your unborn children.

I refer you to one of Sears’ books or his website for more precise information.  For a little advice from me on how to implement this nutrition plan, see Zone Diet–How to in the A-Z index.