What is SCIO and does it help?

The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is an electrophysiological biofeedback system. SCIO gathers bioenergetics information from the body through electrodes to provide a picture of the client’s general health status while it stimulates the body’s self-healing ability.

Image of black silhouettes of children jumping - SCIO

There have been a number of studies with positive conclusions.  One study at the Medical School of Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung, Indonesia, concluded that biofeedback devices are useful for “mind-body control, relaxation, sleep, stabilization of emotional arousal, facilitating greater physical balance and behavior modification.  See https://www.researchgate.net/publication/315533229_Quantum_Biofeedback_Therapy_for_Sport_Performance

SCIO proponents claim that this system can reveal and treat many, many health conditions.  The list would be much shorter if we enumerate the conditions it cannot reveal or treat in some way.  For more information, please try this link or enter the url into your browser: https://www.scio.co.za/how-does-it-work

Anecdote: I visit a SCIO practitioner regularly and have found it helpful for my particular health challenges. The practitioner treated an autistic child recently; a boy who did not like to touch people and who did not make eye contact with his parents or call them Mommy and Daddy. Following his first treatment, he turned in the street as he was heading to his parents’ car and walked back to the practitioner and hugged her. The next morning, he woke his father, while looking at him and calling him “Papa.”