What is Shen Therapy?

SHEN therapy is a gentle hands-on energy technique designed to release trauma that affects one’s physical and/or psychological functions.

You won’t find many research studies to support, or oppose, the use of SHEN Therapy, but here is one published in NCBI where it was integrated with medication in the treatment of a specific disease: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20535925/. You can, of course, find many google entries if you want more information.

There is an International SHEN Therapy Association that certifies practitioners after successful completion of a 628-hour course plus other work.  On their website, they list a number of emotional issues that can be helped by SHEN, including eating disorders, emotional depression, chronic pain syndrome, unreasonable fear and the inability to leave your past behind.  They also list members by country and state.

SHEN Therapy is usually performed while the patient/client is suspended in a “cradle” above a massage table.  This way, the practitioner can place hands above and below the body. One remains fully clothed.

SHEN was developed by Richard R. Pavek, physicist and engineer,  beginning in the late 70’s. It is based on restoring equilibrium to the body’s natural energy flow.  There is one book by Pavek, Handbook of SHEN, listed on Amazon, which appears to be out of print but is available used, in paperback.

In the late 90’s, I was introduced to a SHEN Therapist through my massage practitioner.  I attended several sessions and always found it very soothing.  I cannot say that there were any great breakthroughs but there was one time when I felt a huge “shift” that is difficult to describe. It was more physical than emotional and felt as if my entire body moved with a jolt, when in physical, observable reality it did not.